Only a few days away!

The Bugeater is almost here! We have a couple of Friday evening events, and then the main events start on Saturday!

A few important things:

  • Ticket sales for our 2-day events are closed. If you want to purchase a ticket, contact Tim Royers directly (
  • The Meal Passes are online! This allows you to prepay for meals on Saturday and Sunday, and get two additional drinks as well.
  • Remember that by playing in our events you get one free entry into our painting and modeling competition, the Golden Gobbo! We have categories for fantasy, sci-fi, and historical miniatures. Additional entries can be purchased as well!
  • We will be using the main entrance on all three days.

Age of Sigmar, 40k Narrative, and Friday update:

Folks we have several important updated for the Bugeater!

First, the player pack for the Age of Sigmar GT is on the website. You can find it in the description of the tickets now, the page, and right here:
Also, we have posted tickets for our 40k narrative events! A long time 40k GT staff Cory Gage is running it in our first year.

On Saturday we will have a 3 round, 2000 point event. We will be releasing custom scenarios built around a planetary encounter. The outcomes of these games will influence the conditions for Sunday’s event….

The Sunday MEGA BATTLE! Players can bring UP TO 3,000 points (we want to encourage people with large AND small collections to come), and the objectives for each side will be based on the outcome from Saturday.
Third, and important for everyone:

If you live in the area, you know that this has been a record breaking January/February/March for us. We have had to have more than 5 snow days for the first time in a decade. In deciding how this would impact the calendar, our school district will now finish the year on May 31st.

We had planned for this possibility, and had a backup facility lined up for our Friday events. Unfortunately, that facility will also be in use for other schools that have had to adjust their calendar. We considered some revised options, but they were logistically too difficult to pull off.

This means we have to cancel most of Friday’s events. The last day of school is a half day, which means we can still host some events in the afternoon/evening. We are in the process of talking to our event organizers. We will FOR SURE still have Kings of War: Vanguard. But we know that we will have to cancel our Age of Sigmar and 40k team events. Players that already purchased those tickets will be getting refunds this weekend.
We apologize for this inconvenience. These are unique circumstances that are unprecedented (right now we are dealing with historic flooding in the aftermath of the snow). Fortunately this will not be a possibility next year, because the first weekend of June is much later (Bugeater 2020 is June 5th-7th next year).

Now that we have resolved the issue of our Friday (not in the way we hoped), we will posting updates much more frequently. Let us know if you have any questions!

Time to roll out event details!

Now that we are getting closer to the 9th annual Bugeater, it is time to give some more specific event information. We’ll be rolling out details and player packs over the next several days. We will start with our largest event, the Warhammer 40k GT. We will continue to use ITC missions. Some big additions for this year:

  • We will use the yellow card/red card system for player violations
  • There will be clocks for the top tables on day 2, and by player or judge request
  • Lists will be required two weeks PRIOR to the event, and a communal list document will be made available so all players can see all lists
  • We will be utilizing an active judging philosophy, meaning our judges may interrupt your game to clarify a rule even if it was not requested

The full player pack can be found here.

The 2019 Bugeater Schedule is Live!

The schedule for the 2019 Bugeater is up, and tickets for most events are now available!

We’re still working out the details for a few events, so we are holding off on ticket sales for those until we know the full details of what we’ll be offering for you.

New/Changed Events for 2019:

  • Shadow War Armageddon is now a full Kill Team tournament on Friday!
  • We will be adding a new Age of Sigmar event on Friday – details to come!
  • There will be 40k narrative events on Saturday and Sunday – details to come!
  • The 40k Doubles is now a 40k Team Tournament, in the same style as ATC/ETC!

Almost all of our main events are growing in size.  Age of Sigmar and Bolt Action both have much larger player capacity.  Our largest event, the 40k GT, is expanding to ONE HUNDRED players this year!  Are you ready?!

The schedule is below.  Pages are up for individual events.  For now, most of those pages have barebones information and we’ll be adding more info in November and December.  Tickets for most events are ready to be purchased!

Now accepting applications for Bugeater 2019!

We are very excited to get planning underway for the 2019 Bugeater, which will take place on May 31st-June 2nd, 2019.  If you are interested in either hosting a gaming event or setting up a booth in our vendor space, we ask that you please fill out this application.  NOTE that this is for NEW games or booths, and if you’re interested in other types of games, you can also find other types like slot games to gamble, visit now to find good resources for this.  Those who have hosted events previously or have run a vendor booth before at the Bugeater do NOT need to apply and have been (or will be) contacted directly by the tournament staff.

We will review all applications and consider making any additions.  Thanks!


Thank you!

Thank you to everyone that attended the Bugeater GT!  It was our largest event that we’ve ever put on, and raised the most money for our debate program by far.  We are slowly updating the page with results.  Be sure to keep an eye on our facebook page for pictures from the various games that were being played.

We’ll see you for Bugeater #9 in 2019!

Bugeater – Day 1!

Day One of the Bugeater is here!

We have the following events starting (check in) at 9 today:

40k Doubles, Horus Heresy: Zone Mortalis / Strategic Raids, and Dropfleet Commander

We have the following events starting (check in) at noon today:

Malifaux Mini Tournament, Shadespire

Remember, lunch is NOT provided today but some concessions will be available!

Enter the school through the MAIN entrance:

This year we’l be using the main entrance for the first time – no more coming in through the north doors!

For your convenience, here is a map of the events.  Warmachine will be on the deck overlooking the commons!

Food and drink at the Bugeater!

Now that it is the week of the event we wanted to run down some important information with you!  First up – food and drink.

Unfortunately, we could not make #FoodTruckFriday work this year.  That is a top priority to add next year, but we learned some lessons about getting trucks scheduled and out to the site.  As we continue to grow the Bugeater we will make sure this happens!

So if you are competing on Friday you are on your own for lunch.  We have compiled a list of nearby options for you to consider.  Green options on the map are fast food options.  There are several right across the street from Millard West: McDonald’s, Goodcents, 1000 Degrees, and even HyVee.  HyVee has good, quick Chinese and other food options that you can eat right at the grocery store.

For meals where you have more time, we have put together a list of options around the school and the tournament hotel you might want to consider.  We tried to put together a list that has a variety of options – from sports bars to Thai food to sushi.  If you’re looking for unique Nebraska options that are relatively quick, make sure you hit up Runza or Pepperjax.

For Saturday and Sunday we strongly encourage you to eat lunch at the tournament!  We will have lunch for $7.  That gets you a main item, chips, drink, and dessert.  On Saturday the main item will be chicken from Raising Cane’s.  On Sunday, the main item will be pizza from Godfather’s Pizza.  Money from these meals goes straight to the debate program.

We will also have concessions available throughout the day (water, pop, Gatorade to drink along with food as well).  And new this year for Saturday and Sunday – coffee!  Scooter’s Coffee has been kind enough to help us out and provide coffee for the event.

Here is the map of nearby places to eat: