2016 Bugeater GT draws to a close!

Thank you everyone for an awesome weekend of gaming!  We will be posting more results, follow up surveys, and other things soon – but here are your winners!

Golden Gobbo

Best of Show (and Best Historical Entry): Ryan Moore

Best Sci Fi Entry: David Kohman

Best Fantasy Entry: Corey Miciunas


King of Infinity (winning BOTH events): Zach Daley

Bolt Action

Best Overall: John Stentz

Best Allied General: Sean Vilmont

Best Axis General: Jackson Stewart

Bugeater Award: Paul Stewart


1st Place: Brent Simon

2nd Place: Nathan Pavlish

3rd Place: Marv Cole

Kings of War

Sweepstakes Champion (Best Overall): Adam Ballard

Sweepstakes Runner Up: JT Grachek

Tournament Champion (Best General): Corey Miciunas

Tournament Runner Up: James Grimaldi

Best Painted: Dan McCarty

Players’ Choice: Mike Grudowski

Best Sportsman: Jon Vlach

Best Club: Outlanders

Warhammer 40k:

Sweepstakes Champion (Best Overall): Brett Perkins

Sweepstakes Runner Up: Richard Coles

Tournament Champion (Best General; Undefeated): Trent Northington

Tournament Runner Up: Tyler Devries

Best Sportsman: Nick Miles

Best Painted: John Johnston

Players’ Choice: John Jourden

Best Club: War Hogs

Game Master Award – Given out to a member of the community that has done an enormous amount of work to grow and improve the hobby.

This year’s Game Master Award recipient was Josh Dunn, the TO for the Bolt Action tournament at the Bugeater

Bugeater week!

Here we are folks! The week of the event! If you signed up for the 40k GT or the Kings of War tournament you should have received an email from me. If you did NOT, please contact me (tdroyers@mpsomaha.org) ASAP. Bolt Action folks should be in contact with Josh Dunn. Infinity folks either have already heard from or will hear from Chris Douglas fairly soon. Warmachine players – if you have any Qs or concerns, you can talk to Dan Sammons. If you’re not sure how to get a hold of those point people, email me and I will get you in touch with the right people.
Some general information:
1) Friday night, starting at 6, we will open up the space for you to come in and get some open gaming in. There are some folks planning on playing some Battlefleet Gothic, so if you’d like to join in their fun talk to Cory Gage!
2) Please pay close attention to your check in and round one start times for Saturday. They are posted on the website, and if you have any questions please contact me.
3) If this is your first Bugeater, do NOT use the main entrance to the school. A church meets at the school on Sunday, to avoid any issues with heresy and straying from the light of the God Emperor (or Menoth depending on what game you’re playing), we just use the north entrance on both days. We’ll have a banner up near the entrance so you know you’re headed in the right direction.
4) Remember that if you’re playing in ANY of our events, you get a free entry in our painting and modeling competition, the Golden Gobbo. You may use models from your army (or not – they don’t even have to be from the same game system you’re playing in!). Check out the Bugeater website for more info. You may also purchase additional entries for $5, but we cap it to one award per person (so additional entries just give you more opportunities to earn AN award, not multiple awards).

End of May – Almost Bugeater Time!

Ladies and Gents ~

Please check out tournament information for updates this week. Warhammer 40k updated pack is already posted, and includes the actual missions for rounds 1 and 2 of the tournament for you to practice on. Event pages have been updated with specific schedule information as well.

We will be having advanced check in on Friday (specific times TBD) for at least Warahmmer 40k and Kings of War. We will have a large room that we lock up for people wishing to store their armies and display boards to avoid having to bring them up to the school the day of.

The Final Countdown – 1 month!

Ladies and Gents we are just about a month away from the Bugeater!

First – excited news – we will have ModCube as one of our sponsors of the event, providing objective markers for our 40k players!

Speaking of 40k, two important items.  Our official rules pack will be updated shortly to reflect this:

*We will not be using the new Death from the Skies rules.  It adds an additional phase to the game when we’re worried about time, and we have not seen a forgeworld update

*We will not be using the new GW FAQ.  There are three primary reasons for this.  First, there are some rules changes that are new and significant.  These changes would have impacted several players’ lists (I know, we got your emails!).  With only a few weeks until go time, this was a significant issue for us.  Second, some rulings conflicted with rulings in the ITC FAQ.  We did not want to have to resolve all of those discrepancies, mainly because of our third reason.  GW made it clear that what they posted was the draft, subject to final modifications.  Those modifications would potentially come after the cutoff we set for new rules.  Because the document was a work in progress, we decided to go with what we knew.

Hotel Block Info + 40k Info

The hotel block is up – if you call or use the online website the code for our block is MWB. The rooms are 2 queen beds at $99 a night. We have a limited number so grab them quick if you know you plan on staying there! Rooms are available for Friday and Saturday night (covering the full length of the Friday through Sunday stay).

Also 40k players – we are aware that some of the new Space Marine powers are ….. going to require some rulings. We will make some decisons on those ASAP.


Infinity, Kings of War, and more!

Hello folks!  Some important updates!

First, our Infinity details are up!  Thanks to Chris and Rob for all their work getting Infinity off the ground.  We are excited to be added this to the Bugeater this year!

Second – exciting Kings of War news!  The Bugeater has been selected as a Clash of Kings Qualifier.  That means that the winner of the Bugeater will get a free entry to the Finals for Clash of Kings at Adepticon 2017!

Third – and finally hotel update.  We had a major issue with hotel this year so we went back to the hotel we have used in the past.  I’m finalizing the paperwork as we speak, but the group rate will be at the Hilton Garden Inn found here: http://hiltongardeninn3.hilton.com/en/hotels/nebraska/hilton-garden-inn-omaha-west-OMAWEGI/index.html

The second the group rate is up we’ll let you know!

Bugeater Update: 40k FAQ, Hotel/Prize support coming soon!

After looking over player feedback concerning the use of the ITC FAQ, we determined that for the purposes of the Bugeater we will use the document in its entirety.  The overwhelming feedback we received was to use the FAQ unchanged OR identifying “must have” rulings from the FAQ and not identifying anything they’d like to see us rule differently.  There were a few suggestions for modification, but they were unique (so no one suggested the same change twice) and either we concurred with the ITC’s ruling OR we were fine either way, but preferred to remain consistent with other events for the sake of simplicity.

Two things will be put into the pack to avoid any confusion:

*Yes, super heavy fliers/creatures are allowed.  You just have to be under the points cap specified.

*Yes, we will be allowing the Dread Mob Army List, but make sure you have a copy of the update from Forgeworld: https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/resources/fw_site/fw_pdfs/Warhammer_40000/Ork_Dread_Mob_Army_List_Update.pdf

We were hoping to have hotel info but we are a little behind on that.  We should get it posted ASAP.  We’ll also start posting about prize support for our various events.  Stay tuned for that!  If you’re going to Adepticon, many of our staff will be there – look for us and say hello!

Finally, if you’re itching to get your tournament on in a month’s time, you should seriously consider the Flying Monkey GT going on a month from now in Wichita.  Help make this great event a success – they have several games there and we really want to support and grow more events in this region!  Please consider them, there’s a ticket to the Bugeater GT available there!  Their website is here: http://www.flyingmonkeygt.com/

Bolt Action Information and 40k FAQ!

A huge thanks to Josh Dunn, who is running our Bolt Action tournament, for putting this all together.  Tickets for Bolt Action are now available (remember you’ll need to buy the weekend pass too).  Go to our Bolt Action page for more information.

And remember – this is the last week to get your 40k FAQ feedback to us!  Click on the form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1rnGoAFHGQiHbPT6R9TB9jfKaIrCbcgufoN7qiipNWcM/viewform