Tickets are now live!

Tickets are finally available!  Thanks for your patience as we updated the infrastructure on the site.  We will be uploading player packs soon now that the layout is set and in place.

Because we are offering so many events this year, ticket purchasing will look slightly different.  When you click on “Buy Tickets”  it will take you to a page that shows ALL of your ticket options at once, and you just add the quantity you need.  It is mobile friendly now.  You will have to rotate your phone to landscape, for some reason it cuts off part of the shopping cart page. We hope to get that fixed soon.

The biggest change is that we broke off the base cost of the weekend pass since we will be offering one day events this year.  We did not want to require the weekend pass for a one day event (paying $45+ for a one day event would seem pretty cost prohibitive if forced to do it), but certainly wanted to leave the option.  For two day events the pass is REQUIRED.  So if you purchase the GT ticket alone without it, we will contact you and ask that you purchase the pass.  If you do not by the time the event rolls around you’ll be required to pay when you come in the door.

We will post tickets for Infinity and Bolt Action ASAP.  We want to get the basics locked down before we sell tickets to those events, but rest assured they will be added very quickly.