Bugeater Update: 40k FAQ, Hotel/Prize support coming soon!

After looking over player feedback concerning the use of the ITC FAQ, we determined that for the purposes of the Bugeater we will use the document in its entirety.  The overwhelming feedback we received was to use the FAQ unchanged OR identifying “must have” rulings from the FAQ and not identifying anything they’d like to see us rule differently.  There were a few suggestions for modification, but they were unique (so no one suggested the same change twice) and either we concurred with the ITC’s ruling OR we were fine either way, but preferred to remain consistent with other events for the sake of simplicity.

Two things will be put into the pack to avoid any confusion:

*Yes, super heavy fliers/creatures are allowed.  You just have to be under the points cap specified.

*Yes, we will be allowing the Dread Mob Army List, but make sure you have a copy of the update from Forgeworld: https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/resources/fw_site/fw_pdfs/Warhammer_40000/Ork_Dread_Mob_Army_List_Update.pdf

We were hoping to have hotel info but we are a little behind on that.  We should get it posted ASAP.  We’ll also start posting about prize support for our various events.  Stay tuned for that!  If you’re going to Adepticon, many of our staff will be there – look for us and say hello!

Finally, if you’re itching to get your tournament on in a month’s time, you should seriously consider the Flying Monkey GT going on a month from now in Wichita.  Help make this great event a success – they have several games there and we really want to support and grow more events in this region!  Please consider them, there’s a ticket to the Bugeater GT available there!  Their website is here: http://www.flyingmonkeygt.com/