The Final Countdown – 1 month!

Ladies and Gents we are just about a month away from the Bugeater!

First – excited news – we will have ModCube as one of our sponsors of the event, providing objective markers for our 40k players!

Speaking of 40k, two important items.  Our official rules pack will be updated shortly to reflect this:

*We will not be using the new Death from the Skies rules.  It adds an additional phase to the game when we’re worried about time, and we have not seen a forgeworld update

*We will not be using the new GW FAQ.  There are three primary reasons for this.  First, there are some rules changes that are new and significant.  These changes would have impacted several players’ lists (I know, we got your emails!).  With only a few weeks until go time, this was a significant issue for us.  Second, some rulings conflicted with rulings in the ITC FAQ.  We did not want to have to resolve all of those discrepancies, mainly because of our third reason.  GW made it clear that what they posted was the draft, subject to final modifications.  Those modifications would potentially come after the cutoff we set for new rules.  Because the document was a work in progress, we decided to go with what we knew.