Bugeater week!

Here we are folks! The week of the event! If you signed up for the 40k GT or the Kings of War tournament you should have received an email from me. If you did NOT, please contact me (tdroyers@mpsomaha.org) ASAP. Bolt Action folks should be in contact with Josh Dunn. Infinity folks either have already heard from or will hear from Chris Douglas fairly soon. Warmachine players – if you have any Qs or concerns, you can talk to Dan Sammons. If you’re not sure how to get a hold of those point people, email me and I will get you in touch with the right people.
Some general information:
1) Friday night, starting at 6, we will open up the space for you to come in and get some open gaming in. There are some folks planning on playing some Battlefleet Gothic, so if you’d like to join in their fun talk to Cory Gage!
2) Please pay close attention to your check in and round one start times for Saturday. They are posted on the website, and if you have any questions please contact me.
3) If this is your first Bugeater, do NOT use the main entrance to the school. A church meets at the school on Sunday, to avoid any issues with heresy and straying from the light of the God Emperor (or Menoth depending on what game you’re playing), we just use the north entrance on both days. We’ll have a banner up near the entrance so you know you’re headed in the right direction.
4) Remember that if you’re playing in ANY of our events, you get a free entry in our painting and modeling competition, the Golden Gobbo. You may use models from your army (or not – they don’t even have to be from the same game system you’re playing in!). Check out the Bugeater website for more info. You may also purchase additional entries for $5, but we cap it to one award per person (so additional entries just give you more opportunities to earn AN award, not multiple awards).