Important Reminders

Over the next week we will begin to place updated information, documents, pictures, whatever we feel necessary on the website.  For now, I’d urge you to remember some important dates coming up:

  1. Your army selection is due to the tournament staff by Tuesday, May 21.  Email your pick to  You can still change that selection up until the next due date, which is:
  2. Your army list is due to the tournament staff by June 10th.  Word, excel, or pdf format is preferred.  If you use armybuidler but can’t export to pdf, you can send an armybuilder file but the word/excel/pdf format is preferred.
  3. June 10th is also the FINAL DAY we will accept ticket purchases.  We will not allow people to buy tickets at the door, with the exception of Spectator Passes, since everyone is welcome to come watch 🙂
  4. Next week, the first draft of our Tournament FAQ will come out.  The final draft will be released the Monday before the tournament.  This will be a mix of the NOVA FAQ, and questions participants have raised over the last several weeks.