Thank you!

Everyone – thank you SO MUCH for attending the 7th Bugeater this past weekend. We raised a little over $3800 for the debate programs. We will start with the results from our largest event – the 40k GT.

We report results in two ways – overall results that factor in battle record, painting, and sportsmanship; and battle results that only look at win/loss/draw and battle points.

The Overall Results can be found here:…/2017/06/40kResults_Overall.pdf

The Battle Results can be found here:…/uploads/2017/06/40kResults_Ba…

For purposes of the ITC we submit the *battle* results. So the rankings you see on the battle results pdf are what we turn in. We will submit scores to the ITC in *TWO* days. Please make sure your name and club are correct so you get credit for your results.

Once 8th edition has had some time we will send out a survey to get player input on what you would like to see. In the meantime, thanks again for coming to Bugeater #7. We hope to see you again at Bugeater #8!