Flooding and Traveling to Omaha


We have had some inquiries on how the flooding of the Missouri river will impact travel to Omaha for the Bugeater GT.   Here are our suggestions, based on the info from the Department of Transportation info from Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri as of 12:00 noon on Tuesday.   Fortunately, the east-west routes are intact, so if you’re taking I-80 into Omaha (this would be people from east/central Iowa and Minnesota), you will not have to change your route at all.

If you’re coming from the north (so using I-29 heading south to Omaha), according to Iowa DOT’s website (http://hb.511ia.org/main.jsf), they have you take the exit on I-680 going east 16 miles to meet up with I-80, and then take I-80 west into Omaha. 16 miles isn’t that bad of a detour.

If you are heading north from KC, St. Jo, or somewhere else in Missouri, from what I can best tell, take exit 92 in Missouri to get on US Route 59. Take that for about 50 miles until you hit US Route 34, which you will take going west – follow it as it merges with US HWY 275 until you hit I-29, and then you’ll go north to Omaha like you normally would. According to google maps, this only adds about 30 minutes to your drive time, and avoids the closures as of the 21st.

In Kansas, there’s a lot of US Routes to choose from. My one piece of advice: AVOID US ROUTE 75. There is construction at several points on that road in Nebraska, and EVERYONE and their mother is trying to use that as an alternative to I-29 because of the flooding closure. The Nebraska DOT has actually closed HWY 75 to thru traffic around Plattsmouth because of the problem.

Those alterations to your travel plans should avoid any flooding problems. If they close more sections of road I will update you.