Blood Bowl and Concessions

Two pieces of information:

Blood Bowl will start at 6 pm on Friday.  Russ Barnes will be hosting and helping people with open Blood Bowl gaming.  He will have 4 boards ready, and will bring teams for people who don’t own a Blood Bowl team but want to play.  Others are encouraged to bring their boards/teams/etc if they’d like to.

Concessions: There will be pop/snacks throughout the day both days, and lunch will be served as well.  On Saturday, for $6, you get 2 slices of Papa Murphy’s pizza cooked fresh in our kitchen at Millard West, garlic bread, a brownie, and a pop.  On Sunday, we’ll have a build-it-yourself taco bar.  So bring some cash and be ready to enjoy some good food and further support the Millard West debate team!