3 months to go! Several announcements!

Hey everyone – the Bugeater will be here faster than you think!

  • The rules pack for the 40k doubles has been released.  You can find that here.
  • Thanks to some great contributions and terrain work, we have expanded our Bolt Action field to 40 spots!  Get them while they’re available.
  • DGS Games will be coming up to Bugeater this year, and with their addition we will be adding a Freeblades event on Saturday, along with demos throughout the event.  More details to come!
  • Many thanks to Frontline Gaming, who are supporting our 40k GT with donations of terrain and battle mats.  We will have signs down so you’ll know if you’re playing on a table they provided for us.  Please be sure to support them, they do a great job giving back to the community!