The 2019 Bugeater Schedule is Live!

The schedule for the 2019 Bugeater is up, and tickets for most events are now available!

We’re still working out the details for a few events, so we are holding off on ticket sales for those until we know the full details of what we’ll be offering for you.

New/Changed Events for 2019:

  • Shadow War Armageddon is now a full Kill Team tournament on Friday!
  • We will be adding a new Age of Sigmar event on Friday – details to come!
  • There will be 40k narrative events on Saturday and Sunday – details to come!
  • The 40k Doubles is now a 40k Team Tournament, in the same style as ATC/ETC!

Almost all of our main events are growing in size.  Age of Sigmar and Bolt Action both have much larger player capacity.  Our largest event, the 40k GT, is expanding to ONE HUNDRED players this year!  Are you ready?!

The schedule is below.  Pages are up for individual events.  For now, most of those pages have barebones information and we’ll be adding more info in November and December.  Tickets for most events are ready to be purchased!