Bugeater GT Tickets now on sale!

Folks, the links are now active to purchase tickets to the 2012 Bugeater GT. (The link is on the right hand side of this page!)

The online price for this year’s Bugeater GT is $52.00.  That’s a slight price increase, but we’re doing that because we’re going to offer some new Friday and Saturday night events, and host an expanded painting competition – and access to all of those things come with your GT Ticket purchase.

We are still working out the details of the schedule and events, but here are the basics we can tell you right now:

Fantasy will remain a 5 round event, with 3 rounds Saturday and 2 rounds Sunday.  We are extending the length of the game rounds and staggering the start times with 40k to help make things go more smoothly, and to give gamers a chance to complete all 6 rounds

40k will remain a 6 round event, but with 4 rounds on Saturday and 2 rounds Sunday to accommodate out of town travelers.  We will move the start time of the 40k tournament up slightly (if you recall, we didn’t start 40k until 10 last year) so that way you’re not playing too late on Saturday.

We are going to split off the individual painting awards from the GTs (there will be best painted army, obviously!) into a Golden Daemon style event we’re calling the Golden Gobbo.  Your ticket to the GT automatically allows you to enter a model into this tournament.  We’ll release more details when we have them, but we plan on having categories for best squad, vehicle, individual model, etc.; and the model you enter doesn’t have to be from the army you play.  So if you want to convert a really cool model that you’d never use in competitive play – have at it!

There will be Friday night events (location tbd, but it will either be at the school or the tournament hotel, so no 30 minute drive across town this year) and events Saturday evening when the GT is done.  Those events will be finalized in the next month or so and information will be sent out.

This year we added a ticket option to purchase a meal pass for $16.00.  If you attended last year, you know the debate team ran a concession stand/lunch area both days (day 1 was pizza for lunch, day 2 was all you can eat taco bar).  The lunch, especially on day 2, was wildly successful and we’re going to do that again this year.  You can pay for the lunches the day of, but if you want to lock that up early and just have your meals provided for you you can purchase this pass ahead of time.  That gets you lunch on both days, and if we can work it out with the stores we get food/drink from some free pop throughout the day as well.

And if you weren’t at the Bugeater GT last year, we send debate students around to the gaming tables to take pop/concession orders so they can deliver your snacks and drinks straight to the table.  It’s some good quality service!

On the subject of hotels: I just signed the paperwork for the room block at the Hilton Garden Inn for $99 a night for rooms with two queen beds.  The HGI is an excellent hotel and is a short drive to the tournament site.  There are other cheap hotel options in Omaha, but I wanted to reserve a block of rooms at a nice hotel for you all.  When the hotel gives me the green light, I will post information on how/when to reserve a room under our group rate.