Fantasy GT is SOLD OUT


We have FILLED all of our fantasy spots, and that’s after we added 12 spots compared to last year!  If you reserved a spot during our fall pre-registration, you will be getting an email from me about how you can purchase your ticket.  I have increased the fantasy ticket price to $1,000.  People with spots saved will be getting a coupon code to pay the real price ($52) for the ticket.

In the meantime, we are forming a waitlist.  We did not anticipate selling out this fast, so we will do a review of our terrain and tables to see if we can open up a few more spots.  We do not want to expand so much that there’s poor quality terrain and a lack of staff.  We will only expand if we feel we can do so and provide a quality GT.

ALSO – we DID have people on our waitlist last year get in!  So SIGN UP.  You can email and say you want to get added to the fantasy waitlist.