Hotel Block: Hilton Garden Inn

It has been a while since some news was posted, but we’re still more than six months away from the Bugeater so that is to be expected.  However, it looks like we have locked in some rooms for those of you who are planning on attending from out of town – it looks like it will be the Hilton Garden Inn on 180th and Dodge streets in Omaha.  That is a straight shot 4 miles north from the tournament site, and just about a 10 minute drive.  There were some closer hotels, but the Hilton Garden Inn offered a price that was $30 cheaper than other places.

The tricky thing about our weekend was finding one that didn’t have another GT already taking place and was free to use at the building.  That weekend put us smack dab in the middle of the College World Series, an event that brings in millions of dollars to the city.  The initial phone calls I made were quoting me $210 a night as a block rate, then I got down to about $189, and now I’m at $159 with the Hilton Garden Inn.  Still pricier than I would have hoped, but I made sure all the rooms in the block are double rooms so people can put 2, 3, or 4 people in a room to split cost.

I’ve got to sign the agreement this week, but the copy of the paperwork I approved gives the Bugeater GT up to 20 rooms at $159 a night, a steal during CWS time.  As long as you make your reservations before 45 days of the event you’ll have a spot in the block.  I’ll keep you posted as I hear more, but this is the big update for December.