2018 Malifaux


Malifaux is a skirmish based character driven game by Wyrd. It does not leave fate to dice, but to a deck of playing cards you use to decide the outcome to combat, magic duels, and shooting attacks. Model count is low with only 5 to 10 models in a crew.

We are excited to offer several events over the weekend for this great game!

Friday: Mini Tournament (12 to 5; $10).  There will be open play after the mini tournament for anyone to play in whether they participated in the mini tournament or not.

Saturday: Malifaux Masters (9 to 6; $15).  This is the serious, tournament event for the weekend.  There will be three to four (depending on numbers) 2 hour rounds over the course of the day.

Sunday: Story Encounter (9 to 5; $15). Players will participate in a more light-hearted event featuring three 2 hour rounds.