2019 Bolt Action

Bolt Action ($58) returns for its fourth year!  Players will be play in a two day event.

Armies are to consist of 1000 points chosen from any generic, theater, or tank platoons. You are allowed a maximum 2 platoons.

If you use a theater platoon, your second platoon units must have fought in that theater also. Ie no market garden platoons fighting with marines from Guadalcanal. This will be reviewed by the TO fyi. Theme is scored by your opponent just like previous years. Make themed and realistic forces people.

Their is a 8 dice army minimum. You don’t have to have 8 dice in your army. If you have 3 dice in your army, games that score captured dice, you will count as having 5 captured already. There is no dice cap.

No special characters or tank skills for this tournament.

Bolt Action Table Competition:

Best Bolt Action Table Competition

1. Table must cover 6 foot by 4 foot table. Table should include a mat or table surface and enough terrain to realistically fill the table. Table and plywood board will be provided.

2. Terrain will be played on for 5 Games. While we all try and o be careful, wear and tear does happen. Table should be set up Friday night before the tournament and remain till last game Sunday.

3. A picture of the complete table must be submitted to Josh Dunn at jddunn31@yahoo.com or to his facebook messenger by May 1st to be entered.