2019 Horus Heresy

The Horus Heresy continues to unfold at the Bugeater for the third year!

There are two events plus some bonus Battlefleet Gothic action!

Saturday Tournament

Three round, 2000 point narrative tournament.  List restrictions will be posted soon.  In any round, players can opt to play a game of Zone Mortalis instead.  The results of the Zone Mortalis game will influence the overall outcome of the event.

Sunday Mega Battle

Continuing in our tradition – Sunday will feature a massive mega battle of Heresy goodness!

Battlefleet Gothic

On Friday and Saturday night, players can participate in a Battlefleet Gothic conflict, representing fleet action above the planet’s surface.  There will be three turns played on Friday night, and three turns played on Saturday.  The results of those turns will influence the missions for the next day.  You are welcome to bring your own ships, but ships will also be provided!