2019 Kill Team

2019 Kill Team

Kill Team is a skirmish game set in the Warhammer 40k universe.

Friday’s Kill Team Tournament is a chance to play great small scale games.  Build your team and see if you can emerge victorious!

All models must be based with a three color minimum.

Players will bring 100 point lists; maximum of 20 models – no commanders or elites are permitted

Specialists and leaders must be marked on your army list and will be locked for the entire tournament.

There will be three rounds and a final faction battle.  Each round after the first all specialists, including the leader, will rank up.

If you write a story describing the background of your kill team, including the name of your leader and kill team, you get an extra CP at the beginning of each game.  If you provide names and background for each model you get 2 additional CP.

Ticket Cost: $15