2019 40k Narrative Event

Warhammer 40k Narrative Events

Starting in 2019 we are offering narrative focused events for Warhammer 40k!  There will be two events, you can play in either one or both!  Both form an overall campaign arc:

Allumusin the Wanderer (Necron Cryptek) arrives at the war torn world of Arkos II to find the half-ethereal tome “Book of the 88”, a book made of the warp bound souls claimed by the 88 daemons named inside. This book gives the bearer access to the services of the monsters inside. Finding the book deep in the mantle of the planet causes a moment of intense feedback in the warp that paints the planet brighter than the Astronomican. This in turn attracts all manner of forces to come discover the source of this. The planet is already embroiled in a large war between the forces of the Imperium and Tau. 

In the ensuing months since discovery word has spread to many different interested parties, some come to take the power for themselves, others come to destroy or seal the book away forever. And the Orks…..well they came to fight cuz they’re Orks.  


2000 points, 3 game event.  Players will play custom scenarios with unique goals that will influence the conclusion of the campaign event on Sunday.  Players are encouraged to bring fun lists and enjoy 40k with a narrative focus.


MEGA BATTLE!  Players can bring up to 3000 points for this event!  We will NOT have a fixed point amount per player to help encourage players with all kinds of collections to come.  If you have 1,000 points painted – bring 1,000 points painted.  If you have 20,000 points – bring them and figure out what you want to fit in your list!  This will be an all day mega battle!