Basic Fantasy Information

Here  is the “snapshot” of basic rules and requirements you should be aware of for the Fantasy division:

  • 2500 point army list
  • 3 color minimum, with basing required for models to be on the tabletop (basing = a flock has been glued onto the base and/or the base is painted at a minimum)
  • There will be 5 rounds (3 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday).  Rounds are 2:30 each.
  • There will be some hard composition (i.e. banning the Folding Fortress), and some adjustments to the magic phase (hard capping the amount of dice per spell and per turn)

The primer pack for our rules can be found here.  It has three sample scenarios and secret mission cards to test your armies with.  Those scenarios and mission cards will be in use at the Bugeater.  Bear in mind there are two other missions and secret objectives that you’ll see on gameday!