Basic 40k Information

We are currently putting our primer packet together, but in the meantime this is the summary version of the tournament basics for prospective ticket buyers to read through:

  • 1850 point army lists.  No Forgeworld/IA/Apocalypse allowed (although a Forgeworld model can be used for a legal codex entry: a Contemptor Dreadnought could be used as a model for a regular dreadnought)
  • 6 rounds (4 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday) with a length of 2:15.
  • 3 color minimum for the models, bases must be flocked and/or painted in order for the model to be allowed on the tabletop
  • No hard comp
  • NOVA Style rules (three tiers of missions), and there will be a determined winner and loser of the game (no draws, although battlepoints are also given out, so you can lose but earn a good number of battlepoints to help your standings)

The Primer Pack, containing missions rules and sample scenarios, can be found here.