2014 Warhammer 40k Information

This is the summary version of the tournament basics for prospective ticket buyers to read through:

  • 1850 point army lists.  No Forgeworld/IA/Apocalypse allowed (although a Forgeworld model can be used for a legal codex entry: a Contemptor Dreadnought could be used as a model for a regular dreadnought)
  • 6 rounds (4 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday) with a length of 2:30.
  • 3 color minimum for the models, bases must be flocked and/or painted in order for the model to be allowed on the tabletop
  • Games will have a clear winner or loser.

The final RULES PACKET is released.  The last codex we will allow is the Astra Militarum.