What Is It?

The Bugeater GT is Omaha’s only large weekend wargaming event, held this year on June 2nd-4th, 2017.  We will feature events for Warhammer 40k, Kings of War, Warmachine/Hordes, Infinity, Bolt Action, and more!

The Bugeater has run a Warhammer 40k 2 day event for 7 years now.  Kings of War has become our large scale fantasy battles event after Warhammer Fantasy was retired by Games Workshop. In 2016 we added Warmachine/Hordes, Infinity, and Bolt Action to our event.  In 2017 we are excited to add Horus Heresy. 

We also put on the Bugeater Cup, where we allow you to declare club affiliation and see who is the best club competing at our event.  The top four point earners from your club for each event are factored into an overall score, and we will announce the Best Club for 40k, Kings of War, Warmachine/Hordes, and the overall Best Club at the tournament.

You’re playing for a great cause.

Our event is hosted at Millard West High School in Omaha, Nebraska.  The Bugeater GT is a fundraiser for the debate team at the school.  The team competes and travels nationally, so a lot of money is required to sustain the program.  This program brings in thousands of dollars each year to make it possible for the team to compete in early season out of state tournaments.  So if you need an additional reason to play – your money is going to a great cause and helping out some outstanding kids.

What makes the Bugeater stand out?

Ask veterans of our event.  We put on a well run, on time event that features players from more than a dozen states.  We make sure that a lot more people than just the award winners go home with stuff.  We put quite a bit in our swag bags AND we give away hundreds of dollars of merchandise away in the form of kits, KR Multicase cases, and other great goodies.  We place a high value on sportsmanship, so in addition to winning sweet stuff from us you’re going to have a great time with great opponents.

Why Should I Go to Omaha?

Because there isn’t another multi-event GT in 400 miles in any direction.  So if you live in Des Moines or Sioux City or any other place within driving distance, odds are this is the closest and cheapest GT you’ll find.  And if you aren’t within driving distance but frequent GTs, we’ll be using the familiar NOVA system with our own flare (published online well ahead of time, of course).

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