Initial Information for 2015:

  • The team tournaments are back!  Plan on coming an extra day and competing on Friday with a partner in our 40k and fantasy team tournaments.
  • The 40k GT will feature 1850 point, battle forged armies battling it out for the top prizes.  We will stick with our 6 round format from previous years.
  • The fantasy GT will feature 2500 point armies using full End Times rules and supplements (including new armies).  We will stick with our 5 round format from previous years.  This is also a qualifying even for the US Warhammer Masters tournament!
  • We will continue with our Golden Gobbo model competition, where people will put their items on display throughout the weekend and be judged for their painting and modeling abilities.
  • The Bugeater Cup returns for its second year!  Will the local club Cornhammer retain the crown?

The initial schedule can be found here: Master_Schedule

Tickets will go on sale December 1st, 2014.