Blood Bowl and Concessions

Two pieces of information:

Blood Bowl will start at 6 pm on Friday.  Russ Barnes will be hosting and helping people with open Blood Bowl gaming.  He will have 4 boards ready, and will bring teams for people who don’t own a Blood Bowl team but want to play.  Others are encouraged to bring their boards/teams/etc if they’d like to.

Concessions: There will be pop/snacks throughout the day both days, and lunch will be served as well.  On Saturday, for $6, you get 2 slices of Papa Murphy’s pizza cooked fresh in our kitchen at Millard West, garlic bread, a brownie, and a pop.  On Sunday, we’ll have a build-it-yourself taco bar.  So bring some cash and be ready to enjoy some good food and further support the Millard West debate team!

Flooding and Traveling to Omaha


We have had some inquiries on how the flooding of the Missouri river will impact travel to Omaha for the Bugeater GT.   Here are our suggestions, based on the info from the Department of Transportation info from Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri as of 12:00 noon on Tuesday.   Fortunately, the east-west routes are intact, so if you’re taking I-80 into Omaha (this would be people from east/central Iowa and Minnesota), you will not have to change your route at all.

If you’re coming from the north (so using I-29 heading south to Omaha), according to Iowa DOT’s website (, they have you take the exit on I-680 going east 16 miles to meet up with I-80, and then take I-80 west into Omaha. 16 miles isn’t that bad of a detour.

If you are heading north from KC, St. Jo, or somewhere else in Missouri, from what I can best tell, take exit 92 in Missouri to get on US Route 59. Take that for about 50 miles until you hit US Route 34, which you will take going west – follow it as it merges with US HWY 275 until you hit I-29, and then you’ll go north to Omaha like you normally would. According to google maps, this only adds about 30 minutes to your drive time, and avoids the closures as of the 21st.

In Kansas, there’s a lot of US Routes to choose from. My one piece of advice: AVOID US ROUTE 75. There is construction at several points on that road in Nebraska, and EVERYONE and their mother is trying to use that as an alternative to I-29 because of the flooding closure. The Nebraska DOT has actually closed HWY 75 to thru traffic around Plattsmouth because of the problem.

Those alterations to your travel plans should avoid any flooding problems. If they close more sections of road I will update you.

40k Packet Out

Not too much has changed really. A tweak in language in a couple of spots, but the missions and scenarios remain intact. In regards to the most recent FAQ, we’re going to play Jaws of the World Wolf/Blood Lance without needing to hit rolls. Everything else in the FAQ was raised by people playing in the tournament, and our answers are disclosed for everyone to see.

Good luck, and happy gaming!

Tournament Packets Out Soon

A quick update:

The final tournament packets are being proofread right now. The fantasy packet should be out tonight. The 40k packet is slightly delayed, mainly because the Grey Knights FAQ and latest core rulebook FAQ was released today, so we’ve got to look that over. We’ll post more!

Registration is closed!

We are now past the registration deadline, so the tickets for the two events are no longer available. You can still buy spectator passes, which are required to get in if you are not playing in the tournament or helping out with the tournament. We have a total of 40 fantasy players and 47 40k players, which will earn the debate program nearly $2500 just from the net profit from tickets! We will be publishing the final copy of the tournament packets, along with final schedule of events, concession information, etc. over the next few days.

We look forward to seeing everyone in a couple of weeks for the Bugeater GT!

Fantasy GT: Sold Out!

We are now sold out for the fantasy tournament!  If you would like to get on a reserve list, email me at  If we have drops in the fantasy field, people on the reserve list will have an opportunity to take those spots based on when they were placed on the reserve list.  We still have spots in the 40k tournament!

Important Reminders

Over the next week we will begin to place updated information, documents, pictures, whatever we feel necessary on the website.  For now, I’d urge you to remember some important dates coming up:

  1. Your army selection is due to the tournament staff by Tuesday, May 21.  Email your pick to  You can still change that selection up until the next due date, which is:
  2. Your army list is due to the tournament staff by June 10th.  Word, excel, or pdf format is preferred.  If you use armybuidler but can’t export to pdf, you can send an armybuilder file but the word/excel/pdf format is preferred.
  3. June 10th is also the FINAL DAY we will accept ticket purchases.  We will not allow people to buy tickets at the door, with the exception of Spectator Passes, since everyone is welcome to come watch 🙂
  4. Next week, the first draft of our Tournament FAQ will come out.  The final draft will be released the Monday before the tournament.  This will be a mix of the NOVA FAQ, and questions participants have raised over the last several weeks.

40k Tournament Packet released

The Warhammer 40k tournament packet is now available. From this point on, the core of the packet is finalized. There may be some minor tweaks, but the scenarios will largely stay the same, the scoring is set, and all of that jazz. Note that this packet provides some information about painting requirements. We will post a separate pdf that has more detail about painting requirements, the three painting awards, and some picture examples of what we’re looking for.

The 40k packet is just the second of three packets to be released. The only packet left to be released is the painting packet which will have some example pictures and clarifications beyond what you see here. Again – we reserve the right to make some changes up until a month prior to the tournament. You will be notified of those changes. After the one month mark, we will only change a packet if we realize there is an absolutely serious flaw with a mission or rule that is published.

You can download the packet by clicking here. You will also be able to see the scoring sheets you will fill out after every round.