3 months to go! Several announcements!

Hey everyone – the Bugeater will be here faster than you think!

  • The rules pack for the 40k doubles has been released.  You can find that here.
  • Thanks to some great contributions and terrain work, we have expanded our Bolt Action field to 40 spots!  Get them while they’re available.
  • DGS Games will be coming up to Bugeater this year, and with their addition we will be adding a Freeblades event on Saturday, along with demos throughout the event.  More details to come!
  • Many thanks to Frontline Gaming, who are supporting our 40k GT with donations of terrain and battle mats.  We will have signs down so you’ll know if you’re playing on a table they provided for us.  Please be sure to support them, they do a great job giving back to the community!

Tickets and hotel block now online!

Tickets for the 2018 Bugeater are now on sale!  You can click on “Buy Tickets” to see all the items that are available.  The cart has been added to the right sidebar (on some browsers it may appear at the bottom of the page instead) so you can keep track of what you have ordered.  If you have any technical difficulties please email RoyersT@gmail.com.  We are enforcing limits on entries for our events – but if we sell out we will evaluate what space we have and may open up new spots.

As a reminder, if you attend for multiple days you NEED to buy a weekend pass.  This is INCLUDED in the cost of 2 day events (e.g. the 40k GT) and three day packages (e.g. Malifaux).  But if you buy 2 or 3 separate individual one day events, you’ll need to buy the $15 weekend pass as well!

The hotel block is also available.  You can get the group rate as long as you sign up before May 1st.  You can find that info here.