Tickets and hotel block now online!

Tickets for the 2018 Bugeater are now on sale!  You can click on “Buy Tickets” to see all the items that are available.  The cart has been added to the right sidebar (on some browsers it may appear at the bottom of the page instead) so you can keep track of what you have ordered.  If you have any technical difficulties please email  We are enforcing limits on entries for our events – but if we sell out we will evaluate what space we have and may open up new spots.

As a reminder, if you attend for multiple days you NEED to buy a weekend pass.  This is INCLUDED in the cost of 2 day events (e.g. the 40k GT) and three day packages (e.g. Malifaux).  But if you buy 2 or 3 separate individual one day events, you’ll need to buy the $15 weekend pass as well!

The hotel block is also available.  You can get the group rate as long as you sign up before May 1st.  You can find that info here.

2018 Bugeater GT Information is here!

We are excited to announce the initial schedule for the 2018 Bugeater!  We will be updating our information on the website over the next few days.  Tickets will go on sale next week (Monday, November 27th).

We have our initial offering of events, with 7 events on Friday, 10 events on Saturday, 7 events on Sunday.  This will easily be our biggest Bugeater yet!

You can find a pdf of the initial schedule here.

We will post when event specific information is uploaded over the coming week.  We are also finalizing our hotel block and will have that information shortly.  Any questions?  Please contact Tim Royers at

Mark the dates down on your calendars – Bugeater #8 will be one for the record books!

Bugeater 2018 Announcement Coming Soon!

We are excited to begin sharing information about the 2018 Bugeater!  The event will be held on June 1st-3rd, 2018 at Millard West High School.  Due to the growth that we had this past year, we were able to secure even more space at the school compared to previous events.  That’s good news, because we are expanding the games that we are offering for next year’s Bugeater.  We will begin posting specific event details and the basic schedule of events later this week, but we want you to mark your calendars now for the biggest Bugeater yet!  More details to come, but the big things you’ll want to know now:

All of your favorite events are back! Warhammer 40k, Bolt Action, Horus Heresy, Warmachine & Hordes, Kings of War, Infinity, Dropzone and Dropfleet Commander, and Infinity are back.  They’ll be joined by several new events.  We have added these new events based on player request, and seeking out and finding tournament staff who are experienced with those games that can run a high quality event for you.  So if you play any of these games – get ready!  New to the 2018 Bugeater will be Age of Sigmar, Batman, Malifaux, Star Wars: Armada, and more!

With 8th edition on the scene for 40k, we are looking to make our largest, longest running event even bigger and better next year.  So in a month, if you’re in the area, come to the Khornehusker RTT held here in Omaha, Nebraska.  We will be testing some things for next year’s Bugeater, and the winner gets a free ticket to the 40k GT at the Bugeater!  Check our facebook page for more information.

Thank you!

Everyone – thank you SO MUCH for attending the 7th Bugeater this past weekend. We raised a little over $3800 for the debate programs. We will start with the results from our largest event – the 40k GT.

We report results in two ways – overall results that factor in battle record, painting, and sportsmanship; and battle results that only look at win/loss/draw and battle points.

The Overall Results can be found here:…/2017/06/40kResults_Overall.pdf

The Battle Results can be found here:…/uploads/2017/06/40kResults_Ba…

For purposes of the ITC we submit the *battle* results. So the rankings you see on the battle results pdf are what we turn in. We will submit scores to the ITC in *TWO* days. Please make sure your name and club are correct so you get credit for your results.

Once 8th edition has had some time we will send out a survey to get player input on what you would like to see. In the meantime, thanks again for coming to Bugeater #7. We hope to see you again at Bugeater #8!