Infinity, Kings of War, and more!

Hello folks!  Some important updates!

First, our Infinity details are up!  Thanks to Chris and Rob for all their work getting Infinity off the ground.  We are excited to be added this to the Bugeater this year!

Second – exciting Kings of War news!  The Bugeater has been selected as a Clash of Kings Qualifier.  That means that the winner of the Bugeater will get a free entry to the Finals for Clash of Kings at Adepticon 2017!

Third – and finally hotel update.  We had a major issue with hotel this year so we went back to the hotel we have used in the past.  I’m finalizing the paperwork as we speak, but the group rate will be at the Hilton Garden Inn found here:

The second the group rate is up we’ll let you know!

Bugeater Update: 40k FAQ, Hotel/Prize support coming soon!

After looking over player feedback concerning the use of the ITC FAQ, we determined that for the purposes of the Bugeater we will use the document in its entirety.  The overwhelming feedback we received was to use the FAQ unchanged OR identifying “must have” rulings from the FAQ and not identifying anything they’d like to see us rule differently.  There were a few suggestions for modification, but they were unique (so no one suggested the same change twice) and either we concurred with the ITC’s ruling OR we were fine either way, but preferred to remain consistent with other events for the sake of simplicity.

Two things will be put into the pack to avoid any confusion:

*Yes, super heavy fliers/creatures are allowed.  You just have to be under the points cap specified.

*Yes, we will be allowing the Dread Mob Army List, but make sure you have a copy of the update from Forgeworld:

We were hoping to have hotel info but we are a little behind on that.  We should get it posted ASAP.  We’ll also start posting about prize support for our various events.  Stay tuned for that!  If you’re going to Adepticon, many of our staff will be there – look for us and say hello!

Finally, if you’re itching to get your tournament on in a month’s time, you should seriously consider the Flying Monkey GT going on a month from now in Wichita.  Help make this great event a success – they have several games there and we really want to support and grow more events in this region!  Please consider them, there’s a ticket to the Bugeater GT available there!  Their website is here:

Bolt Action Information and 40k FAQ!

A huge thanks to Josh Dunn, who is running our Bolt Action tournament, for putting this all together.  Tickets for Bolt Action are now available (remember you’ll need to buy the weekend pass too).  Go to our Bolt Action page for more information.

And remember – this is the last week to get your 40k FAQ feedback to us!  Click on the form here:

Tickets are now live!

Tickets are finally available!  Thanks for your patience as we updated the infrastructure on the site.  We will be uploading player packs soon now that the layout is set and in place.

Because we are offering so many events this year, ticket purchasing will look slightly different.  When you click on “Buy Tickets”  it will take you to a page that shows ALL of your ticket options at once, and you just add the quantity you need.  It is mobile friendly now.  You will have to rotate your phone to landscape, for some reason it cuts off part of the shopping cart page. We hope to get that fixed soon.

The biggest change is that we broke off the base cost of the weekend pass since we will be offering one day events this year.  We did not want to require the weekend pass for a one day event (paying $45+ for a one day event would seem pretty cost prohibitive if forced to do it), but certainly wanted to leave the option.  For two day events the pass is REQUIRED.  So if you purchase the GT ticket alone without it, we will contact you and ask that you purchase the pass.  If you do not by the time the event rolls around you’ll be required to pay when you come in the door.

We will post tickets for Infinity and Bolt Action ASAP.  We want to get the basics locked down before we sell tickets to those events, but rest assured they will be added very quickly.

Warhammer 40k at Bugeater 2016

Although the primer pack is not out yet (it is coming along, should be here in a couple of days), I wanted to post some important information about the plans for 40k this year.  First, thanks to the more than 50 people that filled out the 40k survey.  This really drove the decisions made for how the event would be run.  I want to go through the decisions, and address some concerns.

Concern #1: The Bugeater is losing its unique format and becoming a standardized ITC event.

If you were one of the people expressing this concern, rest easy.  This is absolutely not the case at all.  The goal of the Bugeater has always been to run the event the way we think it should be run, but have enough standard, recognizable elements that people do not have to completely change their approach to the game to attend.

So what are we taking from the ITC?  Two and a half-ish things.  First, as you’ll see in a few days, most of the list construction rules are in line with the ITC.  This was the biggest thing we wanted to line up with the ITC on because it would mean that players would have the easiest time attending the Bugeater if they’re also going to other, ITC centered events.  And this matches what you wanted (more on that later).

But what is NOT changing?  Soft scores – painting and sportsmanship are not going anywhere, and their values will remain just as they have the first five years of the event.  We will also develop our own missions again, but they will be blended between traditional missions and maelstrom.  We had some growing pains doing this last year, but based on our lessons learned and some great feedback you provided in the survey they’ll look better – look to the primer pack missions when they come out.

So bottom line -there are no drastic changes to how we’ll be doing business at the Bugeater!

Survey Results

List Construction results were not surprising.

  • 80% wanted 1850 points.
  • 74.4% wanted the proposed ITC based list restrictions (3 sources, can duplicate 1, etc.)
  • We’ll be banning Come the Apocalypse allies.  51.3% wanted this rule, and 33.3% would tolerate this rule.  Only 15.4% said this would cause problems.
  • Forgeworld is in.  Only 7% said they don’t think it should be allowed.  33.3% wanted Forgeworld, and 48.7% said they were fine with it so long as they provided the rules.
  • Forgeworld lists will also be in.  64% were fine with it in some fashion (either saying they love FW army lists or they’d be fine with an opponent so long as they had a list of special rules and such to look at).
  • Obviously for both of the FW items, we will have a list of approved choices.  This will be our OWN list, but obviously we’ll look at Adepticon/ITC/others for inspiration
  • 90% wanted us to limit to one fortification.  That’s an easy one.
  • 56.4% want us to limit Lords of War to one choice with the ITC exceptions

Other Items Of Note:

  • Although many favored the ITC FAQ, there were some vocal concerns by some, especially for certain armies (*cough* Tau *cough*).  So what we’ll do is provide an open comment period on what rulings you feel are important to include, which ones you don’t like, etc.  Our tournament staff will look it over, and by February we will have our own FAQ document, borrowed heavily from the ITC.
  • We’ll still be fine tuning how we do Maelstrom missions.  Literally half wanted the chart style that we used last year and half wanted cards (37.5% want us our deck, 12.5% want a GW deck).  So this will require some internal thoughts on our part.

Hopefully this gives you something to chew over until the primer is out.  And if you have any questions let us know!

Summary of Events: Bugeater 2016

Main Events

Warhammer 40k:

  • 1850 points; 6 rounds – 2.5 hour rounds
  • Lists Construction Rules (3 Detachments, Forgeworld Allowed)
  • Modified ITC FAQ
  • 4 Rounds Saturday (7:30 am to 7:45 pm)
  • 2 Rounds Sunday and awards (9:15 am to 4:15 pm)

Kings of War:

  • 2500 points; 6 rounds – 2 hour rounds
  • Players will be timed – 55 minutes per game
  • 4 Rounds Saturday (8:30 am to 6:30 pm)
  • 2 Rounds Sunday (9:00 am to 2:30 pm)

Warmachine / Hordes

  • Steamroller on Saturday
  • Details to be determined

Additional Events

Age of Sigmar:

  • Two day, 6 round tournament
  • SDK List Construction system; details to be released soon


  • Single round event Friday night
  • At LEAST a one day event on Saturday, possibly a 2 day event for Saturday/Sunday

Bolt Action:

  • Single day tournament on Saturday
  • Possible doubles event on Sunday


  • Friday night event

Bugeater Cup:

Best Club: Main Events account for 25% of the scoring.  The remaining 25% is a combination of overall performance in all other events.

Additionally, there will be awards for the following:

Best Warhammer 40k Club

Best Kings of War Club

Best Warmachine/Hordes Club

Bugeater 2016: Surveys, Tickets On Sale

Hi folks!

We’ve been working behind the scenes to put our infrastructure in place to make everything ready to go for Bugeater 2016. Since we are expanding the number of events, we wanted to make sure we recruited the people and resources so that we aren’t overworked and you’re attending a sub par event.

Important date: Tickets will go on sale Monday, January 11th. We’ll be putting out a full schedule soon, but we want to extend the time people have to take our surveys and help make the event run smoothly.

There are two surveys available – first is for 40k players (

The second link is for ALL players. We have had folks contact us about running additional events. If we get enough votes for a particular events, we will attempt to put a tournament staff together and gather resources to run it. If you already have the people/material to run an event and just need space, contact us and we can work out details. That link is here:

The surveys will be open until January 6th (a Wednesday). On Saturday we will release schedule information and initial rules packs for the events. Then on Monday ticket sales will go live.

Announcing the 2016 Bugeater GT

Folks we are excited to announce the 2016 Bugeater GT! The sixth annual Bugeater will take place June 10th-12th at Millard West High School in Omaha, Nebraska. We are excited to offer the same quality that you have come to expect from the Bugeater, but there will certainly be changes taking place this year. Although we have both of the gyms to use for the tournament, as veterans know we have only actually utilized the space in one gym up until this point. We want to take advantage of that space, and some change in the wargaming community this past year, to grow and expand the number of game systems we’re offering to provide you with plenty of opportunities to come to the Bugeater and play the game you want to play. So far, we are offering the following events:

1. Warhammer 40k
2. Kings of War
3. Warmachine/Hordes
4. Age of Sigmar

Before we release the full schedule and primer packs, we want to take the time to get community input. We tabled our original plan to send a survey out after the 2015 Bugeater because we wanted to wait and see how a number of things played out across several game systems. While some may be disappointed to hear that we shifted gears to Kings of War (although we are definitely still hosting Age of Sigmar), hopefully players will appreciate that we only felt comfortable putting on an event for a game that we’re passionate about and want to play. Tomorrow, we will put out a survey for 40k players concerning how much of the ITC rules you would like to see get incorporated. For sure, we will be allowing Forgeworld. So get ready for that! For fantasy players, we will send out a survey about preferences for both Kings of War and the Age of Sigmar game system. For anyone else, we will also have a survey about other game systems you might want us to think about providing. We have PLENTY of space! That’s all for now, but get those dates marked on the calendar, and we’ll see you in 2016!