Thank you!

Everyone – thank you SO MUCH for attending the 7th Bugeater this past weekend. We raised a little over $3800 for the debate programs. We will start with the results from our largest event – the 40k GT.

We report results in two ways – overall results that factor in battle record, painting, and sportsmanship; and battle results that only look at win/loss/draw and battle points.

The Overall Results can be found here:…/2017/06/40kResults_Overall.pdf

The Battle Results can be found here:…/uploads/2017/06/40kResults_Ba…

For purposes of the ITC we submit the *battle* results. So the rankings you see on the battle results pdf are what we turn in. We will submit scores to the ITC in *TWO* days. Please make sure your name and club are correct so you get credit for your results.

Once 8th edition has had some time we will send out a survey to get player input on what you would like to see. In the meantime, thanks again for coming to Bugeater #7. We hope to see you again at Bugeater #8!

Day 2 Starts Tomorrow!

We had a great first day at the Bugeater!
Remember that tomorrow and Sunday you enter through the main doors at Millard North. Go up the stairs and hang a right – you’ll see the hallway towards the event. There will be a giant 9 foot primaris marine cardboard cutout greeting you!
Times for events tomorrow:
40k Check In begins at 7 am. Round 1 begins at 8 am
Kings of War – Check in at 8 am. Round 1 begins at 9 am
Bolt Action – Check in starts at 8 am
Dropzone Commander, Horus Heresy, Infinity, and Warmahordes all have report times of 9 am
We could not start set up tonight for 40k until 4 hours after our intended time because the room was double booked. We got most terrain set up done, but we had to leave before the last 4 or 5 tables were finished (as in they were arming the security system). So please be patient tomorrow as we finish terrain set up.
We had a surge of last minute registrations, so we have two events in the main walk way area – Warmahordes and Horus Heresy. As a result, we will be doing all set up and entry for the Golden Gobbo SUNDAY (we have fewer events on Sunday, so more room).
Thanks again to everyone attending, and we are excited for day 2 to start tomorrow!
IMPORTANT FOR ALL PLAYERS: We will post all updates on our facebook page.  Please check there until the weekend as done, at which point we will upload results to this page!

The countdown is here! It is Bugeater week!

Two things for today!

First, if you want an easy way to move around the tournament with your army this weekend, consider renting an army tray from Hammerhead Games. For $10 you’ll get a tray to use, with the money going to help the debate programs! If you really like the tray, the $10 can go towards purchasing the tray itself!

Second, remember that we have our painting and modeling competition running this weekend, the Golden Gobbo! We have categories for historical miniatures, fantasy miniatures, and sci fi miniatures. Have a really awesome display you want to enter? We have a category for that! You can enter models whether you’re using them in competitive play or not! We judge all entries on Sunday. If you entered into a 2 or 3 day event, you get one entry free of charge. Additional entries are $5!

One month until the Bugeater!

We are excited to see everyone at Millard North (NOT West – remember that! West is closed for construction this year!) in a month!

Tickets are still on sale, so make sure you get yours before coming!  Everyone attending a multiday event will be getting a Bugeater swag bag and a free entry into the Golden Gobbo painting competition.  Everyone getting a bag will receive the Bugeater GT 2017 patch and the Bugeater 2017 custom dice, plus at least one other item unique for their game system.

We have some exciting announcements over the next few days to get you hyped, along with some important information about specific events.  Keep an eye here and on our facebook page!

Tickets are on sale!

Folks tickets are on sale for almost all of our events (X-Wing coming soon!) so grab your tickets today before events sell out.  We are excited to have another full slate of events this year, including the inaugural year for Horus Heresy and X-Wing.

Horus Heresy Information!

Horus Heresy

We are excited to be adding Horus Heresy to the Bugeater!  We are having several one day events that all tie together as part of a 3 day narrative campaign: the Conquest of Marnex IV.

The basic information on each of the events can be found here.


  • Loyalists and Traitors are both trying to conquer a Forgeworld that has declared its independence in the midst of the Heresy – Marnex IV.
  • Friday players can participate in EITHER a Battlefleet Gothic mega battle representing the two fleets engaging above the planet OR they can participate in a Horus Heresy mega battle representing the initial contact between the two sides (both events happen concurrently and influence once another)
  • Saturday players can participate in a 3 round, 2500 point friendly tournament.
  • Sunday players can participate in EITHER several missions or Zone Mortalis OR they can participate in two multiplayer battles representing the final war zones of the campaign (both events happen concurrently and influence one another).

Announcing the 2017 Bugeater GT

Mark your calendars for our 7th Bugeater GT!  It will be held on June 2nd-4th, 2017 in Omaha.  We are finalizing our full event list, but for sure you can count on seeing:

Warhammer 40k GT

Warhammer 40k Friendly Doubles Tournament

Kings of War

Bolt Action



Horus Heresy

Golden Gobbo Painting Competition

We will be slowly rolling out our primer packs for people to check out.  Today we our releasing the primer pack for our 40k GT.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.   By next week, we will have the tickets online for you to purchase!

2016 Bugeater GT draws to a close!

Thank you everyone for an awesome weekend of gaming!  We will be posting more results, follow up surveys, and other things soon – but here are your winners!

Golden Gobbo

Best of Show (and Best Historical Entry): Ryan Moore

Best Sci Fi Entry: David Kohman

Best Fantasy Entry: Corey Miciunas


King of Infinity (winning BOTH events): Zach Daley

Bolt Action

Best Overall: John Stentz

Best Allied General: Sean Vilmont

Best Axis General: Jackson Stewart

Bugeater Award: Paul Stewart


1st Place: Brent Simon

2nd Place: Nathan Pavlish

3rd Place: Marv Cole

Kings of War

Sweepstakes Champion (Best Overall): Adam Ballard

Sweepstakes Runner Up: JT Grachek

Tournament Champion (Best General): Corey Miciunas

Tournament Runner Up: James Grimaldi

Best Painted: Dan McCarty

Players’ Choice: Mike Grudowski

Best Sportsman: Jon Vlach

Best Club: Outlanders

Warhammer 40k:

Sweepstakes Champion (Best Overall): Brett Perkins

Sweepstakes Runner Up: Richard Coles

Tournament Champion (Best General; Undefeated): Trent Northington

Tournament Runner Up: Tyler Devries

Best Sportsman: Nick Miles

Best Painted: John Johnston

Players’ Choice: John Jourden

Best Club: War Hogs

Game Master Award – Given out to a member of the community that has done an enormous amount of work to grow and improve the hobby.

This year’s Game Master Award recipient was Josh Dunn, the TO for the Bolt Action tournament at the Bugeater

Bugeater week!

Here we are folks! The week of the event! If you signed up for the 40k GT or the Kings of War tournament you should have received an email from me. If you did NOT, please contact me ( ASAP. Bolt Action folks should be in contact with Josh Dunn. Infinity folks either have already heard from or will hear from Chris Douglas fairly soon. Warmachine players – if you have any Qs or concerns, you can talk to Dan Sammons. If you’re not sure how to get a hold of those point people, email me and I will get you in touch with the right people.
Some general information:
1) Friday night, starting at 6, we will open up the space for you to come in and get some open gaming in. There are some folks planning on playing some Battlefleet Gothic, so if you’d like to join in their fun talk to Cory Gage!
2) Please pay close attention to your check in and round one start times for Saturday. They are posted on the website, and if you have any questions please contact me.
3) If this is your first Bugeater, do NOT use the main entrance to the school. A church meets at the school on Sunday, to avoid any issues with heresy and straying from the light of the God Emperor (or Menoth depending on what game you’re playing), we just use the north entrance on both days. We’ll have a banner up near the entrance so you know you’re headed in the right direction.
4) Remember that if you’re playing in ANY of our events, you get a free entry in our painting and modeling competition, the Golden Gobbo. You may use models from your army (or not – they don’t even have to be from the same game system you’re playing in!). Check out the Bugeater website for more info. You may also purchase additional entries for $5, but we cap it to one award per person (so additional entries just give you more opportunities to earn AN award, not multiple awards).