Summary of Events: Bugeater 2016

Main Events

Warhammer 40k:

  • 1850 points; 6 rounds – 2.5 hour rounds
  • Lists Construction Rules (3 Detachments, Forgeworld Allowed)
  • Modified ITC FAQ
  • 4 Rounds Saturday (7:30 am to 7:45 pm)
  • 2 Rounds Sunday and awards (9:15 am to 4:15 pm)

Kings of War:

  • 2500 points; 6 rounds – 2 hour rounds
  • Players will be timed – 55 minutes per game
  • 4 Rounds Saturday (8:30 am to 6:30 pm)
  • 2 Rounds Sunday (9:00 am to 2:30 pm)

Warmachine / Hordes

  • Steamroller on Saturday
  • Details to be determined

Additional Events

Age of Sigmar:

  • Two day, 6 round tournament
  • SDK List Construction system; details to be released soon


  • Single round event Friday night
  • At LEAST a one day event on Saturday, possibly a 2 day event for Saturday/Sunday

Bolt Action:

  • Single day tournament on Saturday
  • Possible doubles event on Sunday


  • Friday night event

Bugeater Cup:

Best Club: Main Events account for 25% of the scoring.  The remaining 25% is a combination of overall performance in all other events.

Additionally, there will be awards for the following:

Best Warhammer 40k Club

Best Kings of War Club

Best Warmachine/Hordes Club

Bugeater 2016: Surveys, Tickets On Sale

Hi folks!

We’ve been working behind the scenes to put our infrastructure in place to make everything ready to go for Bugeater 2016. Since we are expanding the number of events, we wanted to make sure we recruited the people and resources so that we aren’t overworked and you’re attending a sub par event.

Important date: Tickets will go on sale Monday, January 11th. We’ll be putting out a full schedule soon, but we want to extend the time people have to take our surveys and help make the event run smoothly.

There are two surveys available – first is for 40k players (

The second link is for ALL players. We have had folks contact us about running additional events. If we get enough votes for a particular events, we will attempt to put a tournament staff together and gather resources to run it. If you already have the people/material to run an event and just need space, contact us and we can work out details. That link is here:

The surveys will be open until January 6th (a Wednesday). On Saturday we will release schedule information and initial rules packs for the events. Then on Monday ticket sales will go live.

Announcing the 2016 Bugeater GT

Folks we are excited to announce the 2016 Bugeater GT! The sixth annual Bugeater will take place June 10th-12th at Millard West High School in Omaha, Nebraska. We are excited to offer the same quality that you have come to expect from the Bugeater, but there will certainly be changes taking place this year. Although we have both of the gyms to use for the tournament, as veterans know we have only actually utilized the space in one gym up until this point. We want to take advantage of that space, and some change in the wargaming community this past year, to grow and expand the number of game systems we’re offering to provide you with plenty of opportunities to come to the Bugeater and play the game you want to play. So far, we are offering the following events:

1. Warhammer 40k
2. Kings of War
3. Warmachine/Hordes
4. Age of Sigmar

Before we release the full schedule and primer packs, we want to take the time to get community input. We tabled our original plan to send a survey out after the 2015 Bugeater because we wanted to wait and see how a number of things played out across several game systems. While some may be disappointed to hear that we shifted gears to Kings of War (although we are definitely still hosting Age of Sigmar), hopefully players will appreciate that we only felt comfortable putting on an event for a game that we’re passionate about and want to play. Tomorrow, we will put out a survey for 40k players concerning how much of the ITC rules you would like to see get incorporated. For sure, we will be allowing Forgeworld. So get ready for that! For fantasy players, we will send out a survey about preferences for both Kings of War and the Age of Sigmar game system. For anyone else, we will also have a survey about other game systems you might want us to think about providing. We have PLENTY of space! That’s all for now, but get those dates marked on the calendar, and we’ll see you in 2016!

Painting for the 2015 Bugeater

For the 2015 Bugeater we are trying something a little different.  We saw this at Adepticon and know it is being used elsewhere as well so we wanted to use it here.  For the 2015 Bugeater we will ask YOU to fill out the painting rubric ahead of time.  When it comes time for paint judging, you will leave your filled out rubric next to your army, and we will use that as the basis for judging your force.  If we agree, that’s the score you get.  If we think you gave yourself too many points in a category (or too few!) we will adjust accordingly.  This allows us to speed up paint judging, allows you to set the tone for how we’re judging, and opens up the opportunity to have a conversaiton with us about how/why you’re earning your points.

The Painting Rubric is found here.  We will send out an official email to folks within the next couple days!

Warhammer 40k Update


We have updated the rules pack to reflect the new armies that are available. Our cut off for any new forces is a month prior to the event. We have also received some concerns about the plethora of Strength D weapons available for the Eldar. We will evaluate that situation and get back to you asap.

If you don’t want to visit the tournament page, the pack is here.

40k Update: ITC


We’re happy to announce that the Bugeater 40k GT will be a part of the Independent Tournament Circuit put on by Frontline Gaming. This is a no brainer for us as it incentivizes attendance to the Bugeater and helps promote the larger community of tournament goers. We will be submitting our results, and you can read more about the ITC


We will also have an update to the primer to accommodate the latest additional forces you can take (Skitarii, Harlequins, etc.). It looks like the Eldar update will be the last new item for 40k.

Rules Queries and Fantasy Final Update


From now until April 3rd, we ask that you send all rules queries for 40k to us via this form:

Our 40k rules judges will look over your queries.  If the question simply requires a clarification, we’ll contact you directly.  If we feel it merits inclusion in our FAQ, we will put it there.  You can still ask rules questions after April 3rd, but we’re using the next week and a half to compile any player questions and build our tournament FAQ we will be using.

Later today (or tomorrow at the latest) we will put out our final fantasy GT update that takes into account the final End Times book.

As always, your rules packs are here:

Fantasy GT

40k GT

Bugeater Information Update!

Hello folks:

As we’re nearing the 3 month mark for the Bugeater, all the core information for the event is online and up to date.  The biggest change deals with the Fantasy GT pack – we have reverted back to our traditional comp.  I’d provide the explanation here, but there’s already a lengthy explanation in the PDF.

Within the next week or so, we will finalize our hotel arrangements and have those posted, too.  Once that is done, we’ll start posting about sponsors and all the awesome stuff you’ll get for coming to the Bugeater.  Thanks for supporting the event!