40k Primer Pack Out Now

Ladies and Gents,

The primer pack for 40k is out now for you to look at.  It has the three scenarios we used at the Khornehusker RTT for you to use to practice the scenario mechanics we will use.  For past attendees of the tournament you will not find much that is different.  The biggest difference is that we assigned a point value for drawing a mission to add tactical depth to the missions.  The Battle Points will again be used to determine your tournament standing for more accurate match ups of opponents, and we feel now that by adding points for drawing a mission (e.g. no one has a 3 kill point advantage) you get rewarded for that draw and not punished.

The full mission pack will have six scenarios, and there will be an equal distribution of primary mission scenarios (2 kill point, 2 objective, 2 table quarters) and an equal distribution of deployment types.  They will also be scattered well (you won’t have to play 2 kill point scenarios back to back like last year).

The primer pack can be found here.