40k Primer Pack Out Now

Ladies and Gents,

The primer pack for 40k is out now for you to look at.  It has the three scenarios we used at the Khornehusker RTT for you to use to practice the scenario mechanics we will use.  For past attendees of the tournament you will not find much that is different.  The biggest difference is that we assigned a point value for drawing a mission to add tactical depth to the missions.  The Battle Points will again be used to determine your tournament standing for more accurate match ups of opponents, and we feel now that by adding points for drawing a mission (e.g. no one has a 3 kill point advantage) you get rewarded for that draw and not punished.

The full mission pack will have six scenarios, and there will be an equal distribution of primary mission scenarios (2 kill point, 2 objective, 2 table quarters) and an equal distribution of deployment types.  They will also be scattered well (you won’t have to play 2 kill point scenarios back to back like last year).

The primer pack can be found here.

40k Tournament Packet released

The Warhammer 40k tournament packet is now available. From this point on, the core of the packet is finalized. There may be some minor tweaks, but the scenarios will largely stay the same, the scoring is set, and all of that jazz. Note that this packet provides some information about painting requirements. We will post a separate pdf that has more detail about painting requirements, the three painting awards, and some picture examples of what we’re looking for.

The 40k packet is just the second of three packets to be released. The only packet left to be released is the painting packet which will have some example pictures and clarifications beyond what you see here. Again – we reserve the right to make some changes up until a month prior to the tournament. You will be notified of those changes. After the one month mark, we will only change a packet if we realize there is an absolutely serious flaw with a mission or rule that is published.

You can download the packet by clicking here. You will also be able to see the scoring sheets you will fill out after every round.

Warhammer 40k Mission Pack

As noted on the Bugeater blog, today marks a seven day stretch of updates concerning the Bugeater GT.  Today is the release of the Bugeater GT Mission Pack for Warhammer 40k.  There are still some changes to be made, but this gives you a general feel for what the missions will look like.  Tomorrow, the initial fantasy pack will be released as well.

Here is the direct link, and the pdf is embedded below:

Read moreWarhammer 40k Mission Pack

Friday: What to do?

Friday night is currently labeled as open and specialist gaming, which is what we intend to have happen, but the details are still wide open.  I’ve talked with one individual about running a mini Blood Bowl league that night for anyone interested, and I’ve had a couple of people suggest Mordheim.  That’s all fine and good for those people that love those games or are possibly interested in learning about those games, but we want to have options available for everyone.

The good news is we have an entire gym to work with, so there’s plenty of space to have Blood Bowl AND another game system on top of eight plus tables for opening gaming.  One idea that has intrigued me is what the NOVA Open and the Battle for Salvation (another tournament based on the NOVA system) have done – “celebrity” games on Friday night.  I think it could be interesting to do a few different things:

1. Store vs. Store.  This is something we used to do in the Omaha/Lincoln area, and we even had some Iowa clubs show up.  The best from each club/store would compete to see who the top store was.

2. Omaha vs. the World – Have a few players from the Omaha area square up against the out of state folk to see how the local boys do against the out of state folk.

3. “Celebrity” fights – I don’t know if any of the famed interwebz bloggers will be making it out to the Bugeater, but I know that once Stelek said he was showing up to NOVA Open, there was a noticeable traffic spike (I’m quoting the TO on that one) so even if the local players could care less it would be an interesting way of generating buzz for the tournament.

Anyway, more thoughts to come.  If you have any ideas for the Friday night events, feel free to email me.